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The onset of our journey

TCB started off in 1975 as an ethnic haircare line with 8 products and since then has grown to become a leading hair care brand for African women. Since 2016, TCB Naturals is under Godrej Consumer Products Limited – a global leader in the FMCG category. The brand’s current offering is products in the relaxer, maintenance and styling segment.

We embarked on a mission

Since inception we started with a single mission of making women feel beautiful by answering their haircare needs. Over the years we have grown to become Kenya’s most loved and trusted brand. With consumer’s trust and loyalty at its foundation, our ultimate goal is to not just provide strength and nourish your beautiful mane but also to improve hair manageability and provide great hair every day.

Wide range of products

Today, the needs for products with natural ingredients is increasing among African women. TCB Naturals, a well know brand in the hair care segment offers just what the consumers need – specially designed hair products with the goodness of effective natural ingredients. TCB Naturals promises you a refreshing new look-and-feel with the finest natural ingredients. We offer our Kenyan consumers:
• Great hair manageability
• Differentiated good quality products enriched with natural ingredients
• An upgrade from Value Offering Hair care brands.

Wide range of products

Presenting the all New TCB Naturals range of products specially formulated & designed to take care of the growing needs of every African Women, Every day.

TCB Naturals No Base Crème Relaxer

TCB Naturals
No Base Crème Relaxer

Enriched with Protein, Natural Oils and DNA to strengthen and protect your hair while effectively relaxing it. This easy to apply ‘no base’ crème relaxer contains a high amount of protectant to relieve scalp irritation. Available in a regular and super variant.

TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food

TCB Naturals
Nourishing Hair Food

Packed with the goodness of Lanolin, Vitamin E and Protein the TCB Naturals Nourishing Hair Food replenishes natural oils, adds shine and softens your tresses.

TCB Naturals Herbal Pomade

TCB Naturals
Herbal Pomade

TCB Naturals Herbal Pomade is enriched with Menthol and Aloe to soothe your scalp, maintain your hair, condition it and keep your scalp moisturized. It also keeps dryness and flaking at bay.

TCB Naturals Leave-In Treatment

TCB Naturals
Leave-In Treatment

The Shea Butter and Coconut Oil in our leave-in treatment will deeply moisturize and nourish your hair. Its rejuvenating properties will leave your mane smooth, silky and healthy.